We wholeheartedly believe sustainability is the way to go. That's why we take our environmental footprint seriously, like dead seriously. All of our Rue Roosevelt products are packaged in reusable, free-from-plastic materials to ensure we minimise waste. 

While our mailers look and feel like plastic, the are in fact certified home and commercially compostable - pretty neat, huh? So you don't need to throw it in the bin, throw her in your veggie patch and watch a modern day magic trick. 


Our NEW collection jewels are manufactured with a whole lotta love by the wonderful team at Shenzhen Hudieshuo Jewelry Company based in Zhongshan, Guangdong in China. The company are compliant with the European REACH standards and SGS products meet EU environmental protection standards. 

With transparent work standards and practices, you can check out more on their website at https://hudieshuo.en.alibaba.com/

In our efforts to only produce what we sell, all of Rue Roosevelts jewels are either pre-loved in our Vintage range or created in limited quantities. We believe in extra not meaning excess, so not only are we assisting in the elimination of goods ending up in landfill, but our jewels are in limited numbers baby! Meaning, that glorious gold shiner you have on you finger is one of few.