As all good love stories begin, the tale of Rue Roosevelt began with a girl and her undying love of jewels. 


With the burning desire to share my passion with you kind folk and an intense affection for costume jewellery, Rue Roosevelt was born from the smoking embers of my shopping addiction. Rising up among the ashes to deliver the very best quality, ethically-sourced jewels to one and all. 


Fusing the old and the new, Rue Roosevelt jewels have been sourced from all corners of this wonderful world with one thing in mind; you. 

Our NEW collection jewels are manufactured with a whole lotta love by Evian and the team at Manbu Jewellery in the Guangdong Province in China. The company are compliant with the European REACH standards and their employees receive fair compensation and a safe workplace for their labour of love. 

Our prices are reflective of the standards we demand our manufacturers to uphold for their employees.  

Feed your inner badass and join the #rueroosevelt gang today 

 - Australian based, ethically sourced jewels -


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