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Store Policy 

Here at Rue Roosevelt our wish is to provide you an easy, breezy shopping experience that you’ll want to write home about. We take your happiness to heart, so if you’ve had a lousy time with us, please don’t hesitate to let us know – it’s important. We’ll try our very best to fix it and make sure you can walk away with a smile on your dial. Building a happy online community is our jam and we want you to be a part of the #rueroosevelt gang.


Privacy & Safety

We take your privacy more seriously than we take our coffee in the morning, which means none of your personal details will be shared or sold to any pesky harassers – ever. You won’t be receiving any invasive phone calls or emails, so fear not hombres!


While we’re passionate about gold (jewellery), we’re not bankers, so we use secure third party banking to ensure all your financials remain protected. Your privacy is of the highest importance to the team here at Rue Roosevelt and all gags aside, we take your safety and security very seriously.


Wholesale Enquiries

If you have any wholesale enquiries please contact us via

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